Cash collection is a team effort

Join our webinar and discover why including the right people in your cash collection can make all the difference

Wednesday, October 14th
11am PDT - 2pm EDT (30 mins)
Nicole Tilley
Director of Customer Success @ Veraset
Emmaline Swanson
Operations Manager @ Veraset
Charlie Phillips
Payment Expert @ Upflow

The best cash collection processes are always collaborative.

All too often, B2B companies leave cash collection to the A/R specialist or the accountant. Makes sense right? One would think. As it turns out, optimal cash collection requires a cross-functional, team effort, involving sales teams, customer success teams and sometimes even the C-suite!

Whenever we tell B2B companies this, we get the same flurry of questions:

Why? Why is it necessary to involve so many stakeholders?

Who? Who do I actually need to involve in this process?

When? Once I know who to involve, at what stage do I loop them into the process?

How? How can so many people work in synchronization?

In this webinar, we'll answer these burning questions. And we won't be alone!

We are delighted to be joined by Emmaline Swanson (Operations manager) and Nicole Tilley (CS Director) of the San Francisco based tech company Veraset. Through discussion and practical examples drawn from Veraset's experiences, we'll show why efficient cash collection really is a team effort!

"My leadership team and account executives now have visibility into AR without delays and time suck from overwhelmed accounting dept."

Luis Lomanov, Managing Partner @ Upward Insights
5/5 on G2
4.8/5 on Capterra

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